Jade Regent Tuesdays

A Letter to the Pathfinders 1

Pathfinder Chronicler Jarvan,

My recent adventures have led to very strange creatures, included with this letter are some sketches I have done of them. Any help in identifying them would be much appreciated.

I’ve been exploring the swamp near Standpoint, hunting down the primary local Goblin tribe, the Licktoads. With the swamp being previously uncharted I saw a great opportunity to add a reference map to the Pathfinder library. The Sheriff Bellor Hemlock told my group of a halfling living in the area by the name of Waltis Pridestump who might be of use to us in our hunt.

On our way to Waltis is where we encountered Subject A, which the locals referred to as the ‘Soggy Swamp Monster’. It had a makeshift hut with the heads of its victims in bubble like jars. When it bit me I had a sense of confused rage but the effect never took full effect as I was able to shrug it off.

Subject B was discovered within Waltis’s own home disguising itself as Waltis. After a brief word exchange the monster revealed its true form and attacked. Defeating the creature, we found Waltis hiding in a secret area of the house. He told us the creature attacked him and attempted to drain him of his blood.

The third, Subject C is an unidentified creature we found in the house of Old Mejus the witch. It appeared to be a medium sized rat with the hands, feet, and head of a man. It jumped out of the walls of the house but was otherwise fairly unremarkable.

Finally within this letter you will find the precise map we found of the swamp. Hopefully it will be of value to someone down the line. I will continue to send you information and inquiries as my journey beyond progresses.

Honorably, Ryuk Lightspring



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