Jade Regent Tuesdays

A Letter to the Pathfinders 2

Pathfinder Chronicler Jarvan,

Adventure is at hand! Having EASILY defeated the Subject D (presumed Skeletal Champion) we found it to be wielding the broken Whispering Shrike. Within the swords broken hilt we found a mithral tube which contained a long forgotten note. The note was written in Tien and we asked Ameiko to read it aloud to our party. Turns out the note was written by Ameikos own grandfather and was originally directed to her father! The note mentioned Brinewall Castle, the Ward Box, Tsufamu and enemies of her family! Excited to find out more we petitioned Sandrus Caravan to take up the adventure.

We have been on the road for 8 days now and have run into only a few roadside attractions, a Fallen Tree, a Goblin mob, and two Subject E (presumed Ogre).

The reading materials you last sent have been invaluable to my expanding knowledge. In particular I enjoyed reading ‘On Verified Madness,’ its delve into the aberrations and other entities found on Golarion were quite interesting. ‘Jurhnaz Burning Mind’ was also an exhilarating read, though its quite a ill fated feat to cause combustion of ones own brain. Although I appear to be continually on the move, please continue to send interesting journals and research papers you find.

-Honorably Ryuk



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