Jade Regent Tuesdays

Shadok's Log 1

While doing my prep cooking for lunch at the Rusty Dragon, I was approached by 3 men (Kota, Ryuk, and Maetoruk). They asked me to come with them to explore a cave, seems they needed an extra hand.

We went to the cave and started to explore. It was very big, inside we found killed a giant spider, amoeba, and some skeletons. One skeleton was sitting on a chest, we wanted to know what was in that chest. As we moved in it started to rise to attack. I quickly moved in and threw a dagger, hitting it in the head and taking the head clean off! It crumbled to the ground in a hep of dust.

Inside the chest we found a few nice jewelry pieces, potions, and a few other odds and ends. The skeleton had a nice wakizashi on it, which we took also. When we got back to Sandpoint we had someone look at the dagger, they found a note hiding inside of the hilt. Seems that the note was from Amekio’s grandfather and it talked about ruins called Brinewall.

Amekio wanted to get a caravan heading north to the ruins, what riches awaited us!

During the first week we encountered some goblins and some ogres (my sister had to inform me of what they were). The goblins where in trouble, but the ogres just about killed himself and Ryuk.



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