Name: Kato
Race: Human
Class: Paladin – Divine Hunter

Hair: Blonde
Height: 5’10"
Age: 18


Initiative +6

BAB +1
CMB +2
CMD 16

STR-13 |1
DEX-18 |
CON-12 |1
INT-10 |
WIS-11 |0
CHA-16 |


Acrobatics(DEX) :5
Craft Bows(INT) :4
Diplomacy(CHA) :
Handle Animal(CHA) :
Heal(WIS) :
Profession(WIS) :
Ride(DEX) :
Sense MOtive(WIS) :4
Spellcraft(INT) :

-Point Blank
-Precise Shot
-Rapid Shot

Rescued(Shalelu), Reactionary


My family owned a mill just outside of Sandpoint. My father was a local artisan preparing me to take up the family business. When I was 13 goblins raided our home during the night, killing all of my family. The only thing I remember from that night is a Dark Mysterious figure commanding the goblins. The create was unlike anything I have ever seen or heard of. As it approached I could feel a cold shroud come over me, it was then that I sensed this figure was the epitome of evil. The people of Sandpoint said it was Shalelu who rescued me that night, and for that I am forever in her debt.

Shalelu brought me to the Rusty Dragon Tavern, where Ameiko was kind enough to care for me. Ameiko forbid me to return to my home, but one fall night I sneaked out of the city to the ruins of what was once my home. Everything was burned and looted, nothing remained besides the foundations of the mill and the house. As I left to return I noticed tomb stones atop the hill. There were three unmarked graves, they were without a doubt left for my parents and sister. I collapsed to the ground as a mixture of emotions came over me. It was than that I realized Shalelu had been there watching me. Before her there I swore an Oath to hunt down and kill the creature that killed my family as well as any other form of evil I meet along the way. She let out a small laugh take my words sarcastically, but at that point I was no longer a child playing games.

For the past 5 years I’ve been stuck in Sandpoint. I do errands and odd jobs at the Rusty Dragon Tavern in order to pay for room and board which Ameiko gratefully provides me with. I’ve been eager to join one of the passing caravans, but all have pushed me away saying I’m to young. To pass the time I took to learning the order of the Paladin. It’s ways will surely help for the journey to come…


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