Half blind Half-Orc Oracle escaped from a desert


Name: Maetoruk
Player: Garrett
Race: Half Orc
Class: Oracle
Alignment: CG/NG

Mystery: Life
Curse: Clouded Vision
Revelations: Channel, Life Link

HP 10
AC 19

Fort 1
Ref 3
Will 3

STR 13 +1
DEX 16 +3
CON 12 +1
INT 10 -
WIS 11 -
CHA 18 +4

Traits: Legacy of Sand, Rescued by Koya

Feats: Extra Revelation: Life Link

Skills: 4+int
Diplomacy 8
Handle Animal
Heal 4
Know History
Know Planes 4
Know Nature
Know Religion
Sense Motive
Spellcraft 4

Equipment 45lbs
Flail 1d8 x2 B 5lbs
Hide Armor +4AC +4MDB -3ACP 25lbs
Lrg Wood Shield +2 -2ACP 10lbs

20x Trail Rations,

0lvl Stabilize, Dectect Magic, Mending

1st Inflict Light Wounds, Bless


I am Maetoruk the offspring of a ritual breeding practice. My mother was forcibly impregnated by an orc Mystic and spiritualist. I grew up among a tribe of desert marauders, a clan of barbarous thugs. Violence, death, and fear became my childhood companions. I being weaker than full orcs was easily subdued and made slave by those bigger and stronger. I never knew my parents or siblings, over time I began to understand that my existence was designed by my master as his divine attendant. I was one among many half-orc’s whom were less fortunate than I. My saving grace first appeared as my greatest handicap. To me the world is a bright and sun washed landscape, my eyes are attuned to a different world than most, for me the light is far to intense and as such I can hardly make out the shape of anything beyond thirty paces or so. Along with this curse I found myself the channel of energies whose sources where unknown to me and it is this that my master, Kherkoa, exploited. To him I was a tool. I was precious to him because I could link my life to his and transform my life force to his. This allowed him a tremendous advantage among his rivals and to climb to the top of the social ladder. As long as I kept him alive he kept me alive, but I was not happy. Kherkoa did not respect me, he did not love me, he did not care about me. So I decided to kill him and escape, and I did. I was wounded terribly and dying of thirst as I trekked through the desert eventually I made it out alive but on the brink of death. When a wonderful old lady named Koya found and healed me. Never had I been met with such kindness. After that day I came to live in the town of Sandpoint where Koya’s original kindness was rarely repeated by the other townsfolk. I have made a living helping others, using my life channeling abilities and strength to better those around me but still I do not recieve the respect I deserve. I long to leave this place.


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