Ryuk Lightspring (Deceased)


Name: Ryuk Lightspring (Varisian)
Age: 24
Alignment: LN
Deity: Irori
Race: Human (Heart of the Streets)
Class: 2 Monk (Ki Mystic/Qinggong Monk/Sensei)

AC: 17(18/19) Touch: 17 Flat-footed: 14
Initiative: 4
HP: 18
Str: 12 +1
Dex: 16 +3
Con: 13 +1
Int: 11 -
Wis: 18 +4
Cha: 10 -

Honored Fist of the Society (Monk, Pathfinder Society)
Hero Worship Shalelu

Stunning Fist
Improved Unarmed Strike
Combat Reflexes
Panther Style
Panther Claw
Monk Weapon Prof

Acrobatics 7
Knowledge Dungeoneering 4
Knowledge Geography 4
Knowledge Local 4
Knowledge Nature 4
Perception 8
Sense Motive 8
Swim 5


As long as I can remember I have been nameless, I have been an apprentice, I have trained. In the crowded streets of Magnimar is where I lived, helping others and passing on the powerful words of my mentor. My home, I love and hate it. Though there is much injustice in the city to be loathed, there is much beauty in its streets, art, and architecture.

Ryuk was my Sensei, my family, and my rival. Though of a venerable age he was still pristine. He showed me the secrets of channeling inner strength. He taught knowledge as power, and how a few key notations of an enemy could bring its downfall that much quicker. The days of my youth was spent training, and the nights spent in the vast Pathfinder library. We spent every other weekend visiting Sandpoint. My master had some dealings with Shalelu and within her I saw strength to be admired.

Ryuk said I was not yet ready, but that his time had come and had little choice. He prepared a great ceremony, bestowed upon me the powers of a Qinggong monk and left this world. He left me, and yet didn’t. I am now Ryuk. I will become worthy of his bestowed strength and bring it to its pinnacle. Through bringing guidance to others and the might of the panther I will honor Ryuk.

Now to move on. I will go to Sandpoint and seek guidance from my only other hero Shalelu. I’m glad to have the Pathfinders as allies. They shall be a great source of knowledge for me no matter where my path twists.

Ryuk Lightspring (Deceased)

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